FC Rx7 Build Thread

Alright, boys, let's get right into this. 

So the s14 is gone. Adams coupe is gone. We have no cars and we want to make youtube videos. I have all of 1000 dollars in my bank account. Your parents go away on a trip and a day later the cleanest FC you've ever seen pops up on craigslist with your name on it. What do you do? Obviously, you go and buy it..

I purchased the car using all the money I had to my name. I had been missing my first FC since the day I sold it so it was time to get back into rotarys. The guy selling the car was actually a buddy of ours so he had no problems giving us a killer deal. We picked up the car and drove it home on day insurance and parked it in the side lot beside my house where it would sit for the next few weeks. My parents came home from their trip and were not too happy about my spontaneous purchase (the way she goes) if I remember correctly, we started filming youtube videos on it the same week. We went all out on our first video. We flew the drone around my neighboorhood and got some decent cinematics and sat down for about 45 minutes thinking of an intro we could film that would set us apart from the rest of the videos on youtube. 

We got some super positive encouragement from our first video and we were stoked! it was time to make the Rx7 a mingty machine of dank! 

Exhaust Video: 


Coilover Video: 


Longchamps Video: 


Emissions Delete Video: 


Manual Swap: