How It All Started

To tell this story properly we need to go way back. It all started early April 2017. I had a 1995 zenki s14. Adam and I had just picked it up from Nanaimo. It was automatic but it was bone stock and fairly clean. The time came around to start the manual swap and back then I had little knowledge of cars so Adam and I started to hang out more often. It took us way too long to finish the swap but we were proud of our work in the end. This is when Instagram comes into play. We posted a video of me doing a burnout at a popular lookout close to Adams house. At this point, I can't remember if we had a name for the page yet, but we continued to post. A couple of weeks past and nothing really happened. 

One day, Adam scoots over to my house with some "big news." he rips up my jank driveway and tells me he has a name for the gram: "Moistboys." I remember thinking it was pretty stupid but neither of us really thought the page would go anywhere so the name stuck. 

Within what seemed like just a few days, we hit 1000 followers, and then 5000, and finally 10k. This is when we realized we might be able to make something cool out of what at first just seemed like a stupid name. We had always been fond of all the 90s style stickers and vinyl so eventually, we decided to try our hand at it. With a highly torrented version of photoshop acquired, we made our first sticker. The day we planned to drop came around and we were so excited. We published the site and waited in anticipation. Days went by until we made our first sale. and within our first month, we sold a whopping five stickers. Adam eventually picked up an s13 coupe and we had great times going out for late night cruises and just mucking around the streets in general. More time passed and we decided we really wanted to pursue youtube. We wanted to create car videos in a way that was never really shown before. We uploaded our first three videos filmed using our buddies camera. The second we pressed publish, we were RAINED on with hate. One of our videos went viral and that brought a lot of unwanted attention to our channel. It's sad to say but we lost a lot of the motivation we had to make videos at an early stage. we deleted the videos and moved on. 

I eventually sold the s14 for financial reasons only to later purchase an even bigger money mistake, the FC. After buying the RX7, it seemed like a good time to give youtube a second chance. This time it stuck. We bought our own camera and went about things the way we wanted to. Mixing regular car content with the most cringe sense of humor you could think of. So far, it's working out pretty good. The FC has come a long way and the channel is starting to blow up. We have no plans on stopping youtube anytime soon! It started back up again as something fun we could do while working on our cars and it's going to stay that way! So thank you to everyone that has subscribed!

 We've grown immensely and it feels like we are only getting started. We've made so many new friends through our Presence on social media over the years and have built strong connections with all of them. Our product designs are only getting better and we cannot wait to keep going. New opportunities keep popping up all because of our Instagram and now, Youtube. So we want to thank each and every one of you who follows our page or even just likes what we post and support our own endeavors in the automotive world by purchasing our products. Like I said before, Adam and I can't believe how big our page has grown and we can't thank everyone enough. Big things are coming for the boys so stay tuned! 

One last thing: thank you to everyone! It would be impossible to do what we are doing now without you!